Ivan Điković

My name is Ivan Djikovic.

 I was born in Belgrade in 1978.

 I am an IT specialist by profession.

I have been working in the media since 1999, in various jobs, from desktop publishing, system administration, the introduction of the digital production process, digitization of printed media, and implementation of business computer systems, and I was engaged in writing and editing.

I acquired my love for the written word in my childhood. I was significantly influenced by working in newspaper editorial offices, after which the idea of working in a different environment sounds boring to me.

“Energykinetical gambit” is my debut. It is a dystopian SF novel that I wrote in 2018 and 2019, and thanks to the publishing house Prometheus from Novi Sad, it saw the light of day and reached the shelves of bookstores.

 Being a lover of technology, fantasy, and writing, new imagined worlds, characters, and events are already on the way. (And on paper, ie in a file on a solid state drive.) I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.